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Shrikrupa Traders


  • Wheat Seeds

    We are the reliable Exporter and Supplier of Wheat from India. Wheat are enriched with vegetable protein. The Wheat Seeds, delivered by us, are cleaned and

  • Basmati Rice

    We are engaged in offering fresh quality Basmati Rice. Basmati is a variety of long grain rice, famous for its fragrance and delicate flavour. Basmati rice has been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for

  • Non Basmati Rice

    Rice other than basmati rice is called non- basmati rice. Non- basmati rice comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some are long and slender, some are short and thick,

  • Yellow Maize

    We are engaged in offering premium quality Yellow Corn to the clients. Yellow Corn is used for both human consumption or as animal feed. Organic ways of farming are used for the cultivation of the

  • Sorghum Seeds

    We are leading Suppliers & Exporters of Sorghum (Jowar). Jowar is the fifth most important cereal crop in the world after wheat, rice, Maize and barley. The nutritional value of

  • Millet Seeds

    Millets grow in dry zones as rain-fed crops and they are small-seeded and harder. They have the capability of cultivating under marginal conditions of soil fertility and moisture.

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